Website Services

Website Services

If your website isn't showing up somewhere on the first page of Google, we can help.

Constructing a website or redesigning one, can be an overwhelming task. Add in SEO optimization and marketing and it can be enough for a business owner to throw up their hands in frustration.

SMB Creative Group can assist you with all of your design, redesign, SEO, and website marketing needs.

Web Design

At SMB Creative Group, we work with you from the ground up providing website themes and templates as well as custom design.

We ensure that your website is completely optimized to rank well in search engine results. This includes front page content consultations, internal text link modifications, meta data alterations, and keyword research.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our search optimization services also cover local SEO. We want to make certain that your website is found by your local clients as well as those across the country.

Once found, we work to protect your reputation with social media monitoring software that searches for negative content and comments.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While SEO will help your site rank well in search engine results, search engine marketing (SEM) takes your website to the next level.

SMB Creative Group will assist with ongoing link building, writing blogs, article submission, and provide ranking reports.

Pay per click, (PPC) is an additional service we provide. Pay per click will bring potential clients to your website quickly. The trick is getting your target audience there.

Using keyword analysis, geo-targeting, day-parting, and ad testing, we can develop a budget and strategy to help you achieve the results you need.