Website Marketing

Website Marketing

Market Your Website to Gain Higher Ranking

Once your website has been designed and optimized, it needs to be marketed. There are a couple of different ways to achieve the desired outcome. Ideally, more than one method will be employed at the same time.

SEM stands for search engine marketing. It is used to promote websites and obtain a higher ranking in search results. SEM goes hand-in-hand with SMO which is social media optimization. To put it simply, for every marketing activity, a business needs to consider its impact on search engine ranking. From blog comments on relevant blogs to content submissions to articles and blog posts submitted to 3rd party sites, all are carried out with an eye towards increasing your website’s visibility.

SMB Creative Group will construct and manage a complete SEM and SMO strategy for your company that can include targeted keywords, monthly ranking for each term, press releases, social bookmarking and more.

PPC is pay per click advertising. It is what it sounds like. Every time someone surfs the web and clicks on your ad, you are charged. While SEM and SMO are a more organic way to bring traffic to your website, PPC will allow potential clients to find you quickly through your paid advertising.

Businesses need to work closely with a company, such as SMB Creative Group, to ensure that the correct keywords and copy are used to route your target audience to your site. Incorrect keywords can bring visitors, but they will not be buyers. SMB Creative Group will work with you to make certain that the correct type of clients end up on your website with ongoing link building, article submission, ranking reports as well as pay per click services.

SEM and SMO Marketing Services:

  • Keyword Regional Campaigns
  • Monthly Ranking for each term
  • Full managed SEM resource
  • Targeted Keyword
  • Articles / Blogs Written - Keyword rich articles and blogs provide content to 3rd party article sites and allow links back to the target site.
  • Blurbs – Written shorter content snippets written with your target keywords used on 3rd party sites.
  • Press Releases
  • Monthly Content Submissions - The number of links created that benefit your rankings
  • Blog Comments - Relevant comments on blogs with a link back to you site.
  • Social Bookmarking- 3rd party sites that allow people to tag content on the web. These sites are used to highlight the content marketing efforts.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services:

  • Recommendations for Keywords, Ad Copy, Budget and Other Settings - We research the keywords that your prospects use when looking for your business. We then write ads that your prospects click when visiting your website. We can help you determine the optimal budget to be competitive in your category.
  • Geo-Targeting, Day-Parting and Other Engine Optimizations - The search engines have different options for targeting your ads. If your business is only open during certain hours or you only serve specific markets, we can help you setup your campaign to target your prospects.
  • Ongoing Review and Adjustment of Campaign - Our system receives a daily data feed from the major paid search providers. It analyzes the data against the goals we have established for the campaign. If the campaign is out of compliance it alerts our account managers who can fix the campaign.
  • Ongoing Keyword Review and PPC Experiment - We will use standard direct response methodologies to test new ad copy against the existing control to improve traffic and conversion rates. We will also look for new keywords that might bring qualified traffic to your site.